Gold And Silver Trading Robots

Published: 13th April 2010
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Gold market is in an unprecendented uptrend. Gold prices right now are hovering around $1,000 per ounce. In the next few years, experts are of the opinion that gold prices might reach as high as $2,000 per ounce and even $5,000 per ounce.

The reasons for this unprecendented bull market in gold and silver is the fact that investors are worried about the long term strength of US Dollar. Many wealthy investors are hedging into gold. When US Dollar gets weak, gold prices climb high as most of the investor taken refuge in this safe haven ultimate currency.

Countries like China, Russia, India and other that used to have huge US Dollar reserves are also converting these reserves into gold. This is driving the uptrend in the gold market. Now, these fundamentals are going to stay the same for many years in the futures. The last bull market in gold and silver had lasted for about a decade. It had started in 1970s when the Bretton Woods System came under pressure and lasted till 1980.

After the stock market crash of 2008, many investors flocked towards forex. Retail forex trading is the hottest money making machine right now. Now, if you have been trading forex for a while you must have observed that your broker might also let you spot trade gold, silver and oil from the same platform that you use to trade forex.

The development of the Meta Trader 4 platform has revolutionized retail forex industry with the possibility of trading with an expert advisor or what you call a forex robot. These forex robots are infact computer programs or softwares that run on the MT4 platform monitoring the market round the clock something a human cannot do.

What this means is that now you can trade forex on autopilot even while you are sleeping. In the last few years, many good robots have been introduced in the market. Some are giving consistently good results. These automated trading systems are getting better and better. Every month you will find, new robots hitting the market.

Do you know this that trading gold or for that matter silver might be even more lucrative than trading forex. Trend trading is what makes fortunes for traders and hedge funds. With the gold and silver market in an uptrend that might continue for many years, it is the best time to trade these precious metals.

Just like a forex robot now you can trade gold and silver as well with an expert advisor or what you call a robot. Why not try one of a gold robot on your demo account and see how it works? It might as well start making money for you while you sleep!


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