How To Make A Million Dollar In The Stock Market In 2010?

Published: 05th January 2010
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Stock trading over the last few centuries has been the best method to make a fortune and become rich. Over the last century, stock markets have seen tremendous transformation. Today, we are living in a global financial village. If you have the right idea no matter how simple, it is you can make it. Warren Buffet is the best example of a person who had a simple idea. He made billions in the stock market. He is the best example of a stock investor who has consistently beaten the market with an annual ROI of around 22% as compared to the passive return of 11-15% on S&P Index funds. Warren Buffer is the typical bargain hunter who waits and only buys at the right time and then holds the investment for many many years what you call buy and hold investing. He is a perfect disciple of Ben Graham, "The Intelligent Investor." But many would say, Warren Buffet is a star, we are not start. Let's take another person. Have you heard of Nicolas Darvas. He was a part time stock trader who made $2 million in under two years starting with only a few thousand dollars. In today's money, those $2 million are equal to $20 million. He was basically a ballroom dancer busy throughout the day at Broadway. It was early 1960s. In those days, stock trading was a totally different ball game. You had to be constantly in touch with your broker over the phone. So Darvas developed a unique stock trading system based on his Darvas Box Theory that he would use in the night to make his buy or sell decisions. He made it. You too can. But not without a good system. What you need is a stock trading system that you can use in a step wise manner to make your 7 figures!

What you need is simple 4 step stock trading system that you can use to make your stock investing totally rule based. Let's discuss those 4 steps in detail below:

1) Without knowing the trend and direction of the market, you are like a blind man. Now, if you think that just by looking at the Dow Jones Index or the S&P 500 Stock Index, you can judge the direction and trend of the market, you are wrong rather dead wrong. Both these indexes are not an accurate barometer of the market. Infact in every stock market, there are two stock markets. One external visible to everyone like you and me. Most of us will look at the external stock market and make our investment decisions. Most of those decisions will be wrong. Underneath each external stock market is the real internal stock market. We need to unearth it and use it in our investing decisions. This internal stock market is the real one that will tell you when to take a bullish position and when to take a bearish position.

2) Understanding the strength of the different sectors in the market. Sector analysis is ignored by many investors. You should know what are the indicators that can tell you the relative strength of the different sector and what investment vehicle is best suited to capitalize on it.

3) Understanding charts is must for you. You should know the different types of chart patterns and the indicators that confirm them. Without learning charting, you won't reach anywhere in your quest of making a fortune in the market. Understanding how to read charts correctly will increase your odds of making one winning trade after another.

4) The most important thing is money management. You see, you are in the market for a long haul. You cannot become rich with one single trade. What you need is consistent winners that compound into a big sum. That can only be accomplished with good money and risk management. Using good money and risk management can reduce your risk, increase profit potential and hedge your investment.

These are the four simple steps that can make any stock trading system a 7 figure system. Now, the devil is in the details. You need someone who has himself made a fortune in the stock market and can explain these four simple steps in a way that is so simple and easy that you can master than in just two months. In the rest of the 10 months than you can apply them in practice to make your dream of making a 7 figure income in 2010 come true!

That person is Chris Rowe. Chris was crippled at the age of 16 when he met an accident. He did not walk again. But he was never deterred from his handicap in life. He moves on a wheel chair but is respected as a master trader by the trading community. In 2005, he astonished every one by not losing a single options trade in the whole year. You need to take a look at his Internal Strength System.


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